“I am thrilled (to be rid of low back pain and thigh pain)”

I’d been suffering from low back pain on and off for about one year. The pain sometimes went down to the back of my thighs. About two months before I came in for care at Saanich Centre Chiropractic Plus (SCC+) I couldn’t walk for about two days. I went to see my medical doctor and he recommended I see a chiropractor. I put it off longer even though I felt unable to bend over without pain for example when vacuuming.

Finally I decided to follow my friend’s advice and called for an appointment at SCC+. My chiropractor took a complete history and physical exam of my spine including a review of the x-rays of my low back from a year before. He explained what was wrong with my back and how chiropractic treatment could help. I followed his recommendations and within seven treatments I felt 80% better. After ten treatments I was completely out of pain and I felt ecstatic! I am thrilled to be out of pain and feeling so well.

Linda M.,  35

“A Good Night’s Sleep Is Worth A Million Dollars”

When I first came to Saanich Centre Chiropractic Plus I had gone two weeks without sleep. Before that I would get one or two hours of sleep and that was all. My legs would get ice cold and nothing seemed to help. Fifteen years ago a medical doctor said I had Restless Leg Syndrome. The whole bed would shake because my legs wouldn’t keep still. More recently he recommended medication but since I don’t like to take drugs I decided to give chiropractic a try.

After three chiropractic treatments I slept seven hours for the first time in six months. Now I get six or seven hours of sleep a night. One night I got eight hours sleep for the first time in fifteen years. I can’t believe it! A good night’s sleep is worth a million dollars.

Loretta P.,  52

“No More Back Pain”

I started seeing the chiropractors at this office in 1995 for low back pain which I’d had for several years. Since then I’ve found that getting regular treatments keeps away the low back problems. The doctors here have also helped me recover from shoulder issues that were caused by a couple of falls over the years. I’m happy to be able to move my arms away from my body and even over my head.

Colin T.,  80

“Desk Job Effects”

Desk jobs of 20 plus years have caught with me and now I have lower back, neck and shoulder problems. In 2008 I ended up in the hospital for a week with such bad pain in my lower back – I couldn’t walk. I did have physio which helped a little bit but not enough. Finally in 2012 I started going for treatment with Dr. Quinn and haven’t looked back. Before he treated me I was unable to do so many things…simple things like putting on my socks was such a big problem..getting in and out of tub was so scary..and now with regular visits with Dr. Quinn I am enjoying life again. He has listened to me carefully as to what my problem areas are and treated me with such care. Thank you Dr. Quinn.

Jas J.,  54

“Careful, Strong and Controlled”

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Peter Quinn (at SCC+) for about ten years.  He is the most careful, strong and controlled chiropractor I’ve ever seen.  I enjoy his manner as well. I strongly recommend him and I have recommended him to many people over the years.

Oliver D., 44

“Improved Health”

I have been a patient at SCC+ for over six years.   During that time my health condition has greatly improved with the combination of chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture.  Dr. Quinn has provided me with excellent chiropractic care and health advice.  Many of my long-standing health issues have been resolved. I continue to receive the benefits of his skill and knowledge with chiropractic treatments which bring renewed energy and release from discomfort and tension.  I do not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family.

Mary L.,  59