Listen To Your Body

Restricted body joints can cause nerve irritation, muscle weakness, pain and altered sensation. Causes may be repetitive strain, like prolonged sitting at a computer, or trauma from car crashes or sports injuries. Waiting to get help will only increase the severity of the injury.

Seek Evidence-Based Care

Our trained professionals are here to help. With a variety of services to choose from, you can finally get relief from issues such as: back & neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, arm & wrist strains, hip & thigh pain, leg and ankle pain and sciatica. Our chiropractors, massage therapists and the acupuncturist here in our Victoria office offer evidence-based care using the latest techniques and protocols that have been researched and are peer-approved so you can have confidence in their methods.

Road To Recovery

Getting your body back to normal can be a long road. Our services are designed to assist with recovery by going beyond the individual treatments.  We offer supportive and complementary care including rehabilitation with stretching and strengthening exercises, nutritional support and x-ray consultation.

In Accordance with the Public Health Officer’s Directive of May 14, 2020, we issue the following:

As patients/clients of our office, we want you to know that your health and safety is our primary concern. For that reason, after a 3-week shutdown in April, then another month of working on a part-time basis for only urgent/emergent care, we are now back to our regular hours, but in a reduced capacity, to ensure your safety.

All callers to our office are screened to determine if we may see them and temperature checked upon arrival. We have a pulse oximeter as well to check oxygen saturation if we feel it is necessary. In addition to limiting the number of daily appointments, we have reduced the number of chairs in our waiting area and ask that you arrive as near your appointment time as possible so that you will not have to wait. If you wish, you may wait in your car until your appointment and we can call you when it is time to come up to the office. We will attempt to move patients to a treatment room as soon as possible to minimize contact with others. Our practitioners have masks and do a thorough cleaning after your visit of all surfaces in the treatment rooms in-between patients.  The POS machine is sanitized after each patient and the reception area desk is also done regularly. We do a deep clean of ALL surfaces at lunch and the end of the day.

Your health is our priority and we will do all we can to ensure your safe visit with us.