Movement Assessment

By Dr. Mark Strudwick

On June 9, 2021

Movement assessment can be used to determine quality of movement for an individual and can give an indication for why they may be having pain or restriction. A movement screening tool that both Dr. Strudwick and Dr. Quinn use is the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screen that considers golf-specific movement patterns. 25 of the top 30 players in the world and 18 of the last 20 major winners are advised by a TPI certified expert. Training for this involved study of the golf swing mechanics and its “kinetic sequence”, essentially how the various body parts move should move in a properly-executed golf swing. There are 12 golf swing characteristics that are typical of those who have deficiencies in their screen and they can identify those which are likely and prescribe exercises to hopefully eliminate the characteristic or at least minimize its influence. Dr. Strudwick has also completed additional training with TPI to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate golf-specific injuries so that you can get back on the course ASAP.
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Another screening tool that Dr. Strudwick uses is the functional movement assessment (FMS) screen that considers both mobility and stability by incorporating 7 movement patterns to determine one’s “movement literacy.” These are then used to direct exercise recommendations. The FMS is a system that has been used by professional and college teams throughout North America and provides quality and reproducible results. It is a very effective tool for assessing someone before care or exercise prescription and then screening again later to see how much progress has occurred. If pain occurs in any portion of the screen, Dr. Strudwick will perform the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to determine the cause of pain and then treat accordingly. Once they have recovered, they can then be re-screened and the baseline noted.

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To learn more about the FMS or Titleist Performance Institute, click here:

If you are interested in having either the FMS or TPI screen performed, it is a half-hour appointment and your exercise plan will be emailed to you in the next 1-2 days following your assessment. If you have the TPI screen, please bring your golf professional’s contact info so Drs. Strudwick or Quinn may email him/her with what was found so they can be aware of your screen results.

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